My name is Perry Schneider. I live in Fairbanks Alaska. Bob Robertson is a good friend of mine. In fact we are going Moose Hunting next week. Last year Bob drew a Sheep tag and he an I tried to get up into Sheep Country but things didn’t pan out. This year I drew the same tag. Here’s a synopsis.

Alaska DIY resident hunt. Delta Controlled Use Area (DCUA) draw tag. Non-motorized, no pack animals allowed, walk-in only. My partner Roy and I walked in about 15 miles. This was my third attempt at a Dall Sheep with a handgun and I finally got a shot at one! I got this guy 1 day before my 61st Birthday on August 19, 2021. 11 yrs old, 38.5 inches. 71 yds, 454 Casull 4X Leupold. Load was a 240gr Hornady XTP Mag over a case full of H110 at about 1900fps. Holster is a Von Ringler Wyoming Combination Holster with a home made flap.

Thank you Freedom Arms, Wayne and Bob Baker and Dick Casull for making such a fine firearm and cartridge. This hunt was a dream come true and you made it possible. Also thanks to the FA crew who have taken time to talk with me, give me info and thanks John for the action work.

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